Are you tired of reading the same old books? Have you read all the books your friends recommend? Want to try something completely new but don't know where to start? Are you in grades 6-12? Teen Subscription Bags are here to save the day! Fill out the form below to show interest and we'll be in touch! Note: we are currently offering subscription services at the Bees Ferry West Ashley, Main, Otranto and Wando Mt. Pleasant libraries. You would need to pick up your subscription at one of these locations.

What is a subscription bag? You’ll receive hand-selected books based on your own likes/dislikes and preferences. How do we know what you like? You’ll submit a short survey or questionnaire to help us pick your books. We throw in a craft and some treats. Once you receive your books, let us know what you think. We love feedback! Oh, and did we mention it’s completely free?

How do you sign up? Select your branch and provide your email address. We’ll reach out with a quick survey for you to fill out so we can best select your titles. Each branch works a little differently. Read a little more about each branch's subscription service by selecting the branch in the drop-down below.  

Not ready to commit to a subscription bag but still want recommendations? Try our teen book recommendation service!

Bees Ferry West Ashley Library Subscription Bag
Feeling indecisive about what to read next? Then sign up for the Bees Ferry Book Express. Just fill out our survey each month, and you will receive a selection of books, movie recommendations, and some surprise goodies!
Main Library Subscription Bags
Main's subscription is for a three-month period. Each month, you'll receive three hand-selected library books, along with other treats and surprises. Sign up takes place at the beginning of the three-month period, and space is limited!
Wando Mt. Pleasant Library Subscription Bag
With your Book it! Subscription you receive three hand-selected library books each month, along with a simple craft or other treats and trinkets. The subscription is for a three-month period. Space is limited.
Otranto Road Library Subscription Bag
We'll select books based on your preferred genres and throw in some fun swag, a sticker, and a craft!
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