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General Holocaust Resources

(All Materials Located in the Jerry and Anita Zucker Holocaust Memorial Collection)

Atlas of Nazi Germany
[R] 911 Fre

Atlas of the Holocaust
[R] 940.5318 Gilbert

Historical Atlas of the Holocaust
[R] 940.5318 Historic

Holocaust Resource Guide: A Comprehensive Listing of Media for Further Study
[R] 940.5318 Shulman

Genocide In Our Time: An Annotated Bibliography with Analytical Introductions
[R] 364.151016 Dobkowsk

The Holocaust: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide
[R] 940.5318 Holocaust

Chronologies and Dictionaries
History of the Holocaust: A Handbook and Dictionary
[R] 940.5318 Edelheit

Dictionary of the Holocaust: Biography, Geography, and Terminology
[R] 940.5318 Epstein

The Holocaust: A Chronology and Documentary
[R] 940.5318 Michael

Who’s Who in Nazi Germany
[R] 943.086 Wistrie

Historical Dictionary of the Holocaust
[R] 940.531803

Encyclopedias and Almanacs
Encyclopedia of German Resistance to the Nazi Movement
[R] 943.086 Encyclop

Encyclopedia of Genocide
  – a two-volume set
[R] 364.15103 Encyclop

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
  – a four-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Encyclop

The Holocaust Encyclopedia
[R] 940.5318 Holocaus

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
[R] 940.5318003 Encyclop

Encyclopedia of the Third Reich
  – a two-volume set
[R] 943.086 Encyclop

Holocaust and World War II Almanac
  – a three-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Holcaus

Holocaust: A Grolier Student Library
  – a four-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Holocaus

Encyclopedia of Holocaust Literature
[R] 809.93358 Encyclop

Learning About the Holocaust: A Student’s Guide
  – a four-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Learning

Resource Guides
Understanding the Holocaust – a two-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Feldman

The Holocaust (Guides to Historic Events of the Twentieth Century)
[R] 940.5318 Fischel

Holocaust Literature: A Handbook of Critical, Historical, and Literary Writings
[R] 940.5318 Holocaus

The Holocaust in History
[R] 940.5318 Marrus

The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust
[R] 940.5318 Niewyk

People of the Holocaust
 – a two-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Schmittr

Daily Life During The Holocaust
[R] 940.04924 Soumerai

Collections of Sources and Historical Articles
Voices of the Holocaust – a two-volume set
[R] 940.5318 Voices

America and the Holocaust
 – a five-volume set
[R] 940.5318 America

Pictorial Collections
Pictorial History of the Holocaust
[R] 940.5318 Pictoria

An Illustrated Sourcebook on the Holocaust
[R] 940.53 Szajkow