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Escape to Other Worlds

City of the Beasts
 by Isabel Allende
When Alexander Cold is sent to stay with his eccentric grandmother, he is reluctant to accompany her on a writing assignment to South America in search of a legendary nine-foot-tall "Beast."
Book II: Kingdom of the Golden Dragon.

Abarat  by Clive Barker
Candy Quackenbush, of Chickentown, Minnesota, begins a prophesied journey towards her destiny when she dives into a mysterious sea that appears outside the town.
Book II: Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War.

The Lost Years of Merlin by T. A. Barron
A young boy destined to become a great wizard has no name, no family, and blossoming power. When that power injures another and blinds him, he makes a vow never to use it again.
Book II: The Seven Songs of Merlin.

Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black
Kaye travels from city to city with her mother's rock band until an ominous attack forces Kaye back to her childhood home. There, she is trapped between two rival faerie kingdoms.
Book II: Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Gemma lived in India, until she had the dreadful vision of her mother's death. Thus begins a forbidden and dangerous journey for Gemma and her friendly enemies, Felicity, Pippa, and Ann.
Book II: Rebel Angels.

Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan
When Henry Atherton arrives at the house of eccentric old Mr. Fogarty, he comes upon crown prince Pyrgus Malvae, who has escaped the Faerie realm. Each has a personal agenda that will lead to taking over the realm.
Book II: The Purple Emperor.

Aria of the Sea by Dia Calhoun
On the island of Normost, in the kingdom of Windward, Cerinthe Gale is a folk healer who dreams of being a dancer.

The Singer of All Songs by Kate Constable
Calwyn is a novice priestess in one of the last remaining realms of Tremaris to practice its ancient chantment. Upon hearing news of a sorcerer who aims to rule Tremaris, Calwyn is determined to thwart his plot.
Book II: The Waterless Sea.

The Naming by Alison Croggon
When Maerad meets Cadvan, she is catapulted from her life as a slave to an epic destiny. Cadvan believes Maerad to be the prophesied One who will oppose the Nameless.
Book II: The Riddle.

The Seeing Stone by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Arthur fervently hopes that his father wants him to become a squire. One day his father’s friend, Merlin, gives him a shining piece of obsidian, and his life becomes entwined with that of his namesake.
Book II: At the Crossing Places.

The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint
New at her high school, Imogene enlists the help of her introverted friend and the ghost of a boy who haunts the school, after receiving warnings through her dreams that soul eaters are threatening her life.

Hatching Magic by Ann Downer
Wycca, a small dragon called a wyvern, is looking for the perfect place to lay her egg. Theodora unwittingly summons Wycca's hatchling, which draws all the other magical folk to her, as well.

By These Ten Bones by Clare B. Dunkle
Maddie lives in a feudal Scottish village where there is an evil presence that cannot be controlled. Her nightmares of bones and ruin are soon followed by a mysterious attack on a boy who is found bleeding, raked by claws, and feverish.

The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle
Kate and her younger sister move to an estate they have inherited and Kate feels sure she's being watched. She's not wrong. The suave, hideous Goblin King, Marak, plans to kidnap and wed her.
Book II: Close Kin.

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer
Jack and his little sister Lucy are captured by Vikings and taken to the home of King Ivar the Boneless and his half-troll queen and he is forced on a dangerous quest to save his sister.

The Oracle Betrayed by Catherine Fisher
Mirany is one of the Nine, a group who serve the god-on-earth, Archon. Mirany must find Archon’s successor  and ensure that he is proclaimed the new Archon.

Wise Child by Monica Furlong
Wise Child is taken in by Juniper, a healer and sorceress. When Wise Child’s mother, Maeve, a black witch, reappears, she must choose between Maeve and Juniper.
Book II: Juniper.

I, Coriander by Sally Gardner
Coriander has an odious stepmother. After a particularly harsh punishment, Coriander awakens in another world, where she discovers that her real mother was a fairy princess and that she must restore fairyland to health.

The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest
A collection of stories and poems by a variety of authors relating to the Green Man and other myths of the forest.

The Witch’s Boy by Michael Gruber
A grotesque foundling turns against the witch who sacrificed almost everything to raise him when he becomes consumed by the desire for money and revenge against those who have hurt him.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
On her way to marry a prince she's never met, Princess Anidori is betrayed by her guards and her lady-in-waiting and must become a goose girl to survive until she can reveal her true identity and reclaim the crown that is rightfully hers.

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
Miri lives on a mountain where, for generations, her ancestors have quarried stone and lived a simple life. Then word comes that the king's priests have divined her small village the home of the future princess.

The Light of the Oracle by Victoria Hanley
Bryn is the daughter of a humble stone-cutter, so no one is more surprised than she when the Master Priest seeks her out to become a student at the famous Temple of the Oracle, a training school for future priests and priestesses.

The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley
Princess Torina has the ability to see the future. When Torina begins seeing deadly visions in her crystal, she must save her father’s life and the future of her kingdom.

The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill
After the death of her beloved father, Thirrin Freer Strong-In-The-Arm becomes warrior queen of her homeland, Icemark, defending it from a formidable invader.

Into the Wild by Erin Hunter
For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by the powerful ancestors; but the warrior code is threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger.
Book II: Fire and Ice.

The Divide by Elizabeth Kay
While visiting Costa Rica, Felix passes out. When he comes to, he finds himself in a magical world where he is sought by the evil pixie Snakeweed and his vicious shadow-beasts.

Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee
Tanaquil may be the daughter of a sorceress, but she can't do any magic--or so she thinks--and she finds life in her mother's castle very dull and lonely.
Book II: Gold Unicorn

Wolf Tower by Tanith Lee
When a stranger is captured by the Guards of the House and Garden, Claidi helps him escape and then return to his home city through the dangerous waste.
Book II: Wolf Star.

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
Harry Crewe is an orphan girl who comes to live in Damar. She is to be trained in the arts of war. Does she have the courage to accept her true fate?

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson
In Amaranth, life is very structured: people live in color-coded rings around the city and tests rule all. Kestrel, with her twin brother, Bowman, longs to escape this control.
Book II: Slaves of the Mastery.

East by Edith Pattou
Nymah Rose was a North-born baby. It is said that North-born babies are destined to break their mothers' hearts. Rose’s mother tries to keep her close, but destiny cannot be denied.

Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce
Alianne delights in the art of spying. When she is captured and sold as a slave, it is this skill that makes a difference in a world filled with murderous conspiracy and warring gods.
Book II: Trickster’s Queen.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
Lyra lives among the scholars at Jordan College, Oxford. What she does not, and must not, know is that she is the keystone in an ancient prophecy.
Book II: The Subtle Knife.

Magyk by Angie Sage
Septimus Heap is the magykally gifted seventh son of a seventh son, hated and feared by a powerful necromancer.
Book II: Flyte (due in March 2006).

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye
Oklahoma orphan teen Leven Thumps has a hidden and powerful talent: he can glimpse, and then manipulate, the future.

I Am Mordred by Nancy Springer
When Mordred learns the identity of his father, he struggles with feelings of hatred, but also fights the fate which determines that he kill the good and gracious king.

Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart
Young Twig lives in the Deepwoods, among the Woodtrolls, but he isn’t one of them. In a brave attempt to find out where he belongs, Twig wanders into a mysterious, dangerous world.
Book II: Stormchaser.

The Ratastrophe Catastrophe by David Lee Stone
An odd assortment of bumbling humans and creatures come together to find and free the children held by a young man who spirited them away with his flute music. Book II: The Yowler Foul-up.

The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud
As an apprentice to a great magician, Nathaniel is gradually being schooled in the traditional art of magic. He decides to speed up his education, teaching himself spells way beyond his years.
Book II: The Golem’s Eye.

The Light Beyond the Forest by Rosemary Sutcliff
A retelling of the adventures of King Arthur's Knights Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Percival as they search for the Holy Grail.
Book II: The Road to Camlann.

The Edge on the Sword by Rebecca Tingle
In ninth-century Britain, Aethelflaed, daughter of King Alfred, finds she must assume new responsibilities much sooner than expected when she is betrothed to Ethelred of Mercia in order to strengthen a strategic alliance against the Danes.
Book II: Far Traveler.

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
Gen flaunts his ingenuity as a thief and relishes the adventure which takes him to a remote temple of the gods where he will attempt to steal a precious stone.

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Cimorene is everything a princess is not supposed to be: headstrong, tomboyish, smart. . . and bored. So bored that she runs away to live with a dragon.
Book II: Searching for Dragons.

Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede
In 1817 in England, two young cousins write letters to keep each other informed of their exploits, which take a sinister turn when they find themselves confronted by evil wizards.
Book II: The Grand Tour.

Young Warriors: Stories of Strength edited by Tamora Pierce and Josepha Sherman
Fifteen original short stories by various authors relate the exploits of teenage warriors who defeat their enemies with cunning and skill as they strive to fulfill their destinies.