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Let's Book @ your library
Date: 11/21/2004

LET’S BOOK                                                                                                                  CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK November 15-21, 2004

Let’s rock… let's roll… let's move… let's go… let's discover… let's fly… let's do it all… with children's books. Since 1919, educators, librarians, booksellers, and families have celebrated Children's Book Week during the week before Thanksgiving. This year, join the party and share the joy of reading… Let's Book.

A celebration of the written word, Children’s Book Week introduces young people to new authors and ideas in schools, libraries, homes, and bookstores. Through Children’s Book Week, the Children’s Book Council encourages young people and their caregivers to discover the complexity of the world beyond their own experience through books. Children’s Book Week will be observed November 15-21, 2004. The theme for this 85th annual observance is Let’s Book. Chris Raschka conveys the energy, power, and joy of books and reading in the official poster of Children’s Book Week. Vladimir Radunsky, Sandra Boynton, Shane W. Evans, and Howard Fine also created special display materials illustrating this year’s theme. This year’s poet is John Lithgow. His poem, “I Need a Good Book,” is featured on a bookmark illustrated by Lisa Cohen. During Children’s Book Week, children’s books and the love of reading will be observed through storytelling, parties, trivia contests, and other book related events. Check out our Children's events page at http://ccpl.org/content.asp?id=17455&action=detail&catID=5735&parentID=5371

Visit the CBC Web site at www.cbcbooks.org for more information about Children’s Book Week.