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Foreign Films
















Drunken master [DVD]

Farewell my concubine [DVD] 

Frozen [DVD]

Not one less [DVD]

Once upon a time in China [DVD]

Shadow magic [DVD]

The blue kite [DVD]

The King of Masks = [DVD] Pien lien

The personals [DVD]




Crouching tiger, hidden dragon [videorecording]

Drunken master II [videorecording]

Farewell my concubine [videorecording]

Meltdown [videorecording]

Once upon a time in China [videorecording]

Once upon a time in China II [videorecording]

Once upon a time in China V [videorecording]

Raise the red lantern [videorecording]

Raise the red lantern [videorecording]

Red sorghum [videorecording]

Shanghai triad [videorecording]

The king of masks [videorecording] = Pien lien

The story of Qiu Ju [videorecording]




A nous la libertâe : [DVD]

A summer's tale [DVD]

Amâelie [DVD]

And God created woman [DVD]

Band of outsiders = [DVD] Bande áa part

Bay of angels [DVD]

Bed & board [DVD]

Belle de jour [DVD]

Cleo from 5 to 7 [DVD]

Confidentially yours [DVD]

Coup de torchon [DVD]

Dad on the run [DVD]  Widescreen version.

Day for night [DVD]  Widescreen version.

Diabolique : [DVD]

Diary of a country priest [DVD]  RSDL dual-layer ed.

Grand illusion [DVD]  Digtally remastered version

Hiroshima, mon amour [DVD]

Indochine [DVD]  Extended international version.

Jules and Jim [DVD]

L'Atalante : [DVD]  Collectors ed.

La cage aux folles [DVD]

La cage aux folles II [DVD]

La femme nikita : [DVD]  Special ed.

Le million : [DVD] = the million  Digitally remastered version with restored sound.

Les liaisons dangereuses [DVD]

Les quatre cents coups [DVD] = The 400 blows

Love on the run [DVD]

M. Hulot's holiday [DVD]

Ma vie en rose = [DVD] My life in pink

Mississippi mermaid [DVD]

Mon oncle [DVD]

Orpheus [DVD]

Ponette [DVD]

Shoot the piano player [DVD]

Stolen kisses : [DVD]

The bridge [DVD]

The city of lost children [DVD]  Special ed.

The closet [DVD]

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie [DVD]

The last metro [DVD]

The man who loved women [DVD]

The passion of Joan of Arc [DVD]

The red dwarf [DVD]

The rules of the game [DVD]

The sanguinaires [DVD]

The story of Adele H. [DVD]

The twilight girls [DVD]

The umbrellas of Cherbourg [DVD]

The widow of Saint-Pierre [DVD]

The wild child [DVD]

The woman next door [DVD]

Two English girls = [DVD] Deux Anglaises et le continent

Two short films by Franðcois Truffaut : [DVD] Les Mistons ; Antoine & Colette

Vagabond [DVD]

Venus Beauty Institute [DVD]  Widescreen version.







A man escaped [videorecording]

A self made hero [videorecording]

A tale of springtime [videorecording]

Alice and Martin [videorecording]

Amelie [videorecording]

Artemisia [videorecording]

Au revoir les enfants : [videorecording]

Battle of Algiers [videorecording]

Belle de jour [videorecording]

Blood of a poet [videorecording]

Blue [videorecording]

Bon voyage & Aventure Malgache [videorecording]

Breathless [videorecording] = áA bout de souffle

Carnival in Flanders [videorecording]

Cesar [videorecording]

Children of paradise [videorecording]

Cleo from 5 to 7 [videorecording]

Crime and punishment [videorecording]

Cyrano de Bergerac [videorecording]

Diabolique : [videorecording]

Diva [videorecording]

Entre nous [videorecording]

Et Dieu-- crâea la femme [videorecording] = And God created woman  Letterboxed [version].

Germinal [videorecording]

Gervaise [videorecording]

Hiroshima, mon amour [videorecording]

Indochine [videorecording]

Jean de Florette [videorecording]

Jour de fãete [videorecording]

Jules and Jim [videorecording]

Jules and Jim [videorecording]

King of hearts = [videorecording] Le roi de coeur

L'Argent [videorecording]

L'Atalante [videorecording]

La belle noiseuse [videorecording]

La cage aux folles [videorecording]

La maman et la putain [videorecording] = The mother and the whore

La promesse = [videorecording] the promise  Letterboxed ed.

La Reine Margot = [videocassette] Queen Margot

La ronde [videorecording]

La symphonie pastorale [videorecording] = Pastoral symphony

La vie et rien d'autre = [videorecording] Life and nothing but

Last year at Marienbad [videorecording]

Late August, early September = [videorecording] fin Aout, debut Septembre

Le colonel Chabert [videorecording]

Le doulos [videorecording]

Le septiáeme ciel [videorecording] = Seventh heaven

Ma vie en rose [videorecording] = My life in pink

Madame Bovary [videorecording]

Manon of the spring [videorecording]

Marcel Pagnol's Fanny [videorecording]

Marcel Pagnol's Marius [videorecording]

Marius and Jeannette = [videorecording] Marius et Jeannette

Max Ophuls' the earrings of Madame de... [videorecording]

Mayerling [videorecording]

Mina Tannenbaum [videorecording]

Mon oncle [videorecording]

Monsieur Vincent : [videorecording] the moving story of Saint Vincent De Paul

Mouchette [videorecording]

Murmur of the heart [videorecording]

My night at Maud's [videorecording]

Pickpocket [videorecording]

Ponette [DVD]

Princess Tam Tam [videorecording]

Red [videorecording]

Regarde la mer [videorecording]

Rene Clair's Le Million : [videorecording] = The million

Rien ne va plus [videorecording] = The swindle

Rififi : [videorecording]

Small change = [videorecording] L'argent de poche

Spirits of the dead : [videorecording] histoires extraordinaires

Stolen kisses : [videorecording]

Tale of winter [videorecording]

The 400 blows [videorecording]

The crime of Monsieur Lange [videorecording]

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie [videorecording]

The last metro = [videorecording] Le dernier mâetro

The return of Martin Guerre [videorecording]

The rules of the game = [videorecording] La ráegle du jeu

The sheep has five legs [videorecording]

The soft skin = [videorecording] La peau douce  Restored version.

The umbrellas of Cherbourg = [videorecording] les parapluies de Cherbourg  Letterbox ed.

Too beautiful for you [videorecording]

Trois vies et une seule mort [videorecording]

Un chien Andalou ; [videorecording] Land without bread

Une femme douce [videorecording] = Gentle woman

Vagabond = [videorecording] Sans toit ni loi

Western [videorecording]

White [videorecording]

Zazie dans le metro [videorecording]

Zero de conduite = [videorecording] Zero for conduct

Zou Zou [videorecording]




Beware of a holy whore [DVD]

Das Boot [DVD]

Die Ehe der Maria Braun : [DVD] = The Marriage of Maria Braun

Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss : [DVD] = Veronika Voss

Fear of fear [DVD]

Jacob the liar [DVD]

Lola : [DVD]

Love is colder than death [DVD]  Newly transferred restored version


Metropolis : [DVD]  Restored authorized ed.

Run Lola run [DVD]

The cabinet of Dr. Caligari [DVD]  Restored authorized ed.

The experiment [DVD]

The holy mountain [DVD] = Der heilige Berg  [Reconstructed version].

The Marquise of O [DVD]

Vampyr [DVD]

Winter sleepers [DVD]




Das Boot [videorecording]

Der Blaue Engel [videorecording]

Europa Europa / [videorecording] 

Fox and his friends [videorecording]

Jacob the liar [videorecording]

Lebenszeichen [videorecording] = Signs of life

M [videorecording]

Max Ophuls' Liebelei [videocassette]

Nosferatu : [videorecording] Phantom der Nacht

Stroszek [videorecording]

The American soldier [videorecording]

The blue angel [videorecording]

The boat is full [videorecording]

The last laugh [videorecording]  Special restored ed.

The legend of Rita [videorecording]  Letterbox ed.

The marriage of Maria Braun [videorecording]




Aparajito [DVD]

Duplicate Sholay [DVD]   

Lagaan [DVD]

Monsoon wedding [DVD]

Nariman Irani's Don : [DVD]

Pather panchali [DVD]  Full screen version.

The World of Apu [DVD]  Full screen ed.




8 1/2 : [DVD]

A brief vacation = [DVD] Una breve vacanza

Amarcord [DVD]

Big deal on Madonna Street [DVD]  RSDL dual-layer ed.

Bread & tulips [videorecording]

Bread and chocolate [DVD]

Christ stopped at Eboli [DVD]

Cinema paradiso [DVD]

City of women [DVD]

Farinelli [DVD]

Federico Fellini's Intervista : [dvd] = Interview

Fellini satyricon [DVD]

Gasoline [DVD]

I fidanzati : [DVD]  Widescreen ed.

Il postino = [DVD] The postman

Il posto : [DVD]

Italian for beginners [DVD]

Juliet of the spirits [DVD]

L'avventura : [DVD]  RSDL dual-layer ed.; Widescreen version.

La corsa dell'innocente [DVD] = The flight of the innocent

La Notte [DVD]

Life is beautiful [DVD]

Lo sceicco bianco : [DVD] = The white sheik

Malena [DVD]

Nights of Cabiria [DVD]

Nostalghia [DVD]

Orchestra rehearsal = [DVD] Prova d'orchestra

Padre padrone [DVD]

Pasqualino Settebellezze [DVD] = Seven beauties

Roma [DVD]

Seeking asylum [DVD]

Sky is falling : [DVD]

The bicycle thief [DVD]

The wonders of the Vatican Library [DVD]  Special ed.

Variety lights [DVD]  Digitally remastered version




8 1/2 [videorecording]

Amarcord : [videorecording]

Big deal on Madonna street [videorecording]

Bread and chocolate [videorecording]

Ciao, professore! [videorecording]

Cinema paradiso [videorecording]

Cinema paradiso [videorecording]

Divorce Italian style [videorecording]

Fellini satyricon [videorecording] 

General della Rovere [videorecording]

I Clowns = [videorecording] the clowns

Il postino = [videorecording] The postman

Il testimone dello sposo [videorecording] = The best man

Johnny Stecchino [videorecording]

Juliet of the spirits [videorecording]  Letterboxed

La Strada / [videorecording]

Life is beautiful [videorecording]

Mediterraneo [videorecording]

Night sun = [videorecording] = Il sole anche di notti

Nostalghia [videorecording]

Open city [videorecording]

Open doors [videorecording]

Ossessione = [videorecording] Obsession

Paisan [videorecording]

Rogopag [videorecording]

Spider's stratagem [videorecording]

St. Michael had a rooster = [videorecording] = San Michele avena un gallo

Swept away [videorecording]  Digitally remastered, Letterboxed edition.

The garden of the Finzi-Continis [videorecording]  Newly restored version.

The gospel according to Saint Matthew [videorecording]

The gospel according to Saint Matthew [videorecording]

The story of boys and girls = [videorecording] Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze

The white sheik : [videorecording]






After life [DVD]

Boiling point [DVD]

Branded to kill [DVD]

Chaos [DVD]

Dead or alive 2 [DVD]

Dead or alive, final [DVD]

Firefly dreams [DVD]

Godzilla's revenge [DVD]

Godzilla : [DVD] king of the monsters

Godzilla versus Mothra [DVD]

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero [DVD]

Good morning [DVD]

Ikiru [DVD]  Special ed.

Madadayo [DVD]

Ran [DVD]

Ran [DVD]  Masterworks ed.

Rashomon [DVD]

Red Beard [DVD]

Samurai II : [DVD] duel at Ichijoji Temple

Samurai III : [DVD] duel at Ganryu Island

Sanjuro [DVD]

Seven samurai [DVD]

Terror of mechagodzilla [DVD]

Tokyo drifter : [DVD] = Tokyo nagaremono

Warm water under a red bridge [DVD]

Yojimbo [DVD]




3-4x jugatsu [videorecording] = Boiling point

A taxing woman [videorecording]

Akira [videorecording]

Banshun = [videorecording] Late spring

Dodesukaden [videorecording]

Equinox flower [videorecording]

Gate of hell = [videorecording] Jigokumon

Harakiri [videorecording]

Kagemusha [videorecording]

Oh my goddess! Episode 1. Moonlight and cherry blossoms [videorecording]

Oh my goddess! Episode 2. Midsummer night's dream [videorecording]

Oh my goddess! Episode 3. Burning hearts on the road [videorecording]

Oh my goddess! Episode 4. Evergreen holy night [videorecording]

Oh my goddess! Episode 5. For the love of Goddess [videorecording]

Princess Yang Kwei Fei videorecording

Ran [videorecording]  Letterbox.

Rashomon [videorecording]

Sansho the bailiff = [videorecording] [Sanshåo-dayåu]

Seven samurai [videorecording]

Tampopo [videorecording]

The Burmese harp = [videorecording] Biruma no tategoto = Ba måaâ co°·

The Idiot [videorecording]

Throne of blood : [videorecording]

Ugetsu [videorecording]

Woman in the dunes = [videorecording] Suna no onna

Yojimbo [videorecording]




El Mariachi ; [DVD] Desperado    

In the country where nothing happens [DVD]

Like water for chocolate = [DVD] Como agua para chocolate




Like water for chocolate = [videorecording] Como agua para chocolate

Macario [videorecording]

Midaq Alley [videorecording]

The criminal life of Archibaldo de la Cruz [videorecording]

The young and the damned [videorecording]




I am Cuba [DVD]

Solaris = [DVD] Soliaris  Special ed.

The Battleship Potemkin [DVD]

The mirror [DVD]




Battleship Potemkin [videorecording]

Burnt by the sun [videorecording]

Close to Eden = [videorecording] [Urga]

I am Cuba : [videorecording] ëIìA-Kuba

Ivan the Terrible [videorecording]

Moscow does not believe in tears [videorecording]

Mother and son [videorecording]

Storm over Asia [videorecording]

Strike [videorecording]

War and peace [videorecording]

War and peace. Tape 1 [videorecording]

War and peace. Tape 2 [videorecording]

War and peace. Tape 3 [videorecording]

White nights [videorecording]  English version / Bellucci Productions, Inc.





All about my mother [DVD]

Butterfly [DVD]

Dark habits [DVD]

First night of my life [DVD]

How to be a woman and not die in the attempt [DVD]

Love can seriously damage your health [DVD]

Nico and Dani [DVD]

Talk to her [DVD]

Tie me up! Tie me down! [DVD]




All about my mother [videorecording]

Belle epoque [videorecording]

Camilâa [videorecording]

Carne trâemula [videorecording] = Live flesh

Open your eyes = [videorecording] Abre los ojos

Strawberry & chocolate [videorecording]

Tie me up, tie me down [videorecording]  Letterbox ed.

Tristana [videorecording]  Letterboxed version.

Viridiana [videorecording]




Autumn sonata [DVD]  Digitally remastered version.

Cries and whispers = [DVD] Viskningar och rop 

Persona [vDVD]  Special ed.

The seventh seal [DVD]

Wild strawberries : [DVD] = Smultronstèallet




Autumn sonata [videorecording]

Cries and whispers [videorecording]

Cries and whispers [videorecording]

Expectations [videorecording]

Fanny & Alexander [videorecording]  

Good evening Mr. Wallenberg [videorecording]

My life as a dog : [videorecording]

Sawdust and tinsel (the naked night) = [videorecording] Gycklarnas afton

Scenes from a marriage [videorecording]  Letterboxed, digitally remastered version

The emigrants [videorecording]  Dubbed English language version

The sacrifice [videorecording]

The seventh seal [videorecording]

The virgin spring [videorecording]

Winter light [videorecording]