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Stone Repair & Repointing

Once scaffolding was installed, the crack under the left foot of the statue was inspected and it was determined that the cracked portions of the stone were stable, requiring filling to prevent water from collecting. A 90% solution of Dispersed Hydrated Lime Injection Grout and water was injected into the cracks using a 14-gauge needle and syringe. When the lime was sufficiently carbonated, the repairs were color- matched and in-painted using Silin Paints. This paint has a potassium silicate base.

Detached and broken sections of the curbing stones were repaired with Jahn Restoration Adhesive and exposed areas of the adhesive were inpainted with Silin paint.

The lightening protection system was reattached to the monument using existing fasteners which had been bent out of position. The fasteners were annealed and then straightened.

Iron portions of the railing were removed by digging out the setting lead and using Vise grip pliers the iron square bar was pulled out. Holes left in the curbing stone were flushed out with water and filled with custom-matched Jahn Restoration Granite Repair Mortar.

Three dislodged corner stones will be realigned by City Parks personnel.

Debris and biological growth were removed from the joints using a solution of D2 Architectural Biocide. The joints were removed by first making a 1/8 in. saw-cut down the center of the joint and then "folding" the remaining portions of the mortar into the center void created by the relief cut. The monument was repointed using custom color-matched Jahn M-110 Historic Pointing Mortar.