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Military Records

South Carolina Soldiers and Indian Traders, 1725- 1730
SCR 929.3757 Draine 


South Carolinians in the Revolution
SCR 929.1 Ervin

Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims  Filed in South Carolina Between August 20, 1783 and August 31, 1786
SCR 929.3 South

A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From Pre-1675 to 1900: A Guide to Genealogical Sources, p. 383-393 (articles and sources on the Revolutionary War in SC)
GENEALGY 929.3016 Horowitz

American Revolution Roster, Fort Sullivan (later Fort  Moultrie), 1776-1780
SCR 973.3 Daughters

Officers Who Served in South Carolina Regiments
SCR 973.34 DeSaussure

Revolutionary War Pension Applicants Who Served from South Carolina
SCR 973.34 Pruitt

Records of the Regiments of the South Carolina Line in the Revolutionary War
SCR 973.34 Records

Marion's Men, a List of Twenty-five Hundred
SCR 973.3457 Boddie

Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution
SCR 973.3457 Moss

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina
SCR 975.7 Draine

An Order Book of the Third Regiment, South Carolina Line, Continental Establishment, December 23, 1776-May 2, 1777
SCR 975.7 S

Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims Against South Carolina
SCR 975.7 South

Stub Entries to Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution
SCR 975.7 South

Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864: South Carolina: Charleston
SCR 975.7915 Selected

Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution in South Carolina (also called SC American Revolutionary Service Claims)
SCR microfilm

WAR of 1812

Index to Service Records of South Carolina Soldiers in the War of 1812

South Carolina. Militia. Typescript Service Records. War of 1812
SCR 973.52457 South


South Carolina in the Mexican War: A History of the Palmetto Regiment of Volunteers 1846-1917 SCR 973.624 Meyer


A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From Pre-1675 to 1900: AGuide to Genealogical Sources, p. 967-974 (articles and sources on the Civil War in SC)
GENEALGY 929.3016 Horowitz

Preparation and Maintenance of the Roster of South Carolina Dead in CSA Service
SCR 973.7 Kirkland 

South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service 
SCR 973.7 South

Confederate Military History, Extended Edition, Vol. VI: South Carolina
SCR 973.742 Confeder 

Units of the Confederate States Army
SCR 973.742 Crute

Compendium of the Confederate Armies: South Carolina and Georgia
SCR 973.742 Sifakis

Broken Fortunes: South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors and Citizens WhoDied in the Service of Their Country and State
SCR 973.7457 Broken

Roll of the Dead. South Carolina Troops.  Confederate States Service
SCR 973.7457 Roll

South Carolina Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 (2 volumes)
SCR 973.76 South

Confederate Historian
SCR microfilm

Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served inOrganizations From the State of South Carolina
SCR microfilm

Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers WhoServed in Organizations From the State of South Carolina
SCR microfilm

Confederate Pension Record, 1916-1959 (Charleston County)
SCR microfilm

Confederate Pension Record, 1919-1969 (Charleston County)
SCR microfilm

Regimental Histories of the American Civil War: South Carolina
SCR microfilm

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (multi-volume  book version in Reference Collection)


Historical Roster and Itinerary of South Carolina Volunteers Troops Who Served in the Late War Between the United States and Spain 
SCR 973.8 F


Official Roster of South Carolina: Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines. World War 1917-18
SCR 940.4 Official 


Official Roster of South Carolina: Servicemen and Servicewomen. World War II 1941-46
SCR 940.54 Official 

17,500 Charleston Men of Military Age Listed by Name and Number
SCR 940.54 Seventee

Young American Patriots, World War II: South Carolina 
SCR 940.54 Young


The vertical files have lists of South Carolina dead from these two wars.  Please ask for vertical files at the SC Room Information desk.