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Land & Tax Records

Land of Their Own: Land Grants to Women in the Lower Colonial South
SCR 333.3232 Swann

South Carolina Jury Lists, 1718 through 1783
SCR 347.0752 Warren

South Carolina Tax List, 1733-1742
SCR 929.3 Draine

List of the Tax Payers of the City of Charleston for 1859
SCR 929.3 List

South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1719-1772
SCR 929.3 Langley

South Carolina Memorials, Volume 1: 1731-1776: Abstracts of Selected Land Records From a Collection in the Dept. of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina
SCR 929.3757 Esk

The Jury Lists of South Carolina, 1778-1779
SCR 929.3757 Hendrix

South Carolina Quitrents, 1772-1773-1774
SCR 929.3757 Hicks

Petitions for Land From the South Carolina Council Journals
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1773-1778: Books F-4 through X-4
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

An Index to Deeds of the Province and State of South Carolina, 1719-1785 and Charleston District, 1785-1800
SCR 929.3757 Index

Index to South Carolina Land Grants, 1784-1800
SCR 975.7 Index

South Carolina Memorials: Abstracts of Land Titles
SCR 929.3757 Motes

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina
SCR 975.7 Draine

Warrants for Lands in South Carolina, 1672-1711
SCR 975.7 S

The Historical Writings of Henry A.M. Smith Vol. I: The Baronies of South Carolina; Vol. II: Cities and Towns of  Early South Carolina; Vol. III: Rivers and Regions of Early South Carolina
SCR 975.7 Smith

South Carolina Begins: the Records of a Propriety Colony, 1663-1721
SCR 975.702 Lesser

The Quitrent System in Royal South Carolina
SCR 975.702 Watson

Charleston County Register of Mesne Conveyance: Plat Books, 1837-1948
SCR microfilm

Charleston County Register of Mesne Conveyance: Lease & Release1785,  Mortgages to Real Estate 1915-1942
SCR microfilm

Plat Collection of John McCrady, ca.1680-1929
SCR microfilm

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of South Carolina, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1856-1870
SCR microfilm

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps(For Charleston: 1884, 1888, 1902, 1944, 1951, 1955)
SCR microfilm

State Free Negro Capitation Tax Books, Charleston, South Carolina, ca. 1811-1860
SCR microfilm

South Carolina Map & Muniment Collection: Miscellaneous Maps  & Plats, 1591-1982 (index available) SCR microfilm

South Carolina Tax Returns 1783-1800 SCR microfilm

South Carolina State Plats: Charleston series, 1784-1860; Columbia    series, 1796-1868
SCR microfilm

Memorials of Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century South Carolina  Land Titles
SCR microfilm

Charleston County Auditor’s Ward Books * Other Title: State Assessor’s Book, City; 1867 Auditor’s Real    Property, 1869-1870; Real Property, A-B, 1869
SCR microfilm

Charleston Ward Books (1852-1902)
SCR microflim

Internal Revenue Assessment List 1864-1866
SCR microflim