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Record of Deaths: Charleston

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Death & Marriage Notices from The Christian Magazine of the South, The Erskine Miscellany, and The Due West Telescope, 1843-1863
SCR 929.3 Ware 

Death and Obituary Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878
SCR 929.375 Holcomb 

Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1837-1860 and 1861-1867 (Methodist; includes some Lutheran)
SCR 929.375 Holcomb 

Index to the 1860 Mortality Schedule of South Carolina
SCR 929.3757 Arnold

Horry County (SC) Cemetery Records, Volume One
SCR 929.3757 Cox

Index to the 1850 Mortality Schedule of South Carolina
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

Marriage and Death Notices from The (Charleston) Times, 1800-1827
SCR 929.3757 Marriage

Marriage and Death Notices from the (Charleston, South Carolina) Mercury 1822 - 1832
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices from Georgetown, S.C. Newspapers, 1791-1861
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

Obituaries from Horry County Newspapers (1861-1914)
SCR 929.3757 Lewis

Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Patriot, 1815-1830 and 1831-1848
SCR 929.3757 Wilson 

Berkeley County Cemetery Inscriptions
SCR 929.5 Berke

Bethany Cemetery Inscriptions, Charleston, SC
SCR 929.5 Betha 

The Old Jewish Cemeteries at Charleston, South Carolina, 1762-1903
SCR 929.5 E 

Johns Island Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Organized 1710, Erected 1719
SCR 929.5 Johns

Cemetery Inscriptions of Colleton and Orangeburg Counties, South Carolina
SCR 929.60975779 Harley

Record of Inscriptions in the Cemetery and Building of the Unitarian, Formerly Denominated the Independent Church, Archdale Street, Charleston, SC, from 1777-1860
SCR 288 Gilman 

Graveyard Burials 1695-1995 of the Independent or Congregational Church of Charleston (Commonly known in modern times as the Circular Church)
SCR 929.50975791

Cemetery Inscriptions of Charleston County, South Carolina
SCR 929.50975791 Hood

Inscriptions on the Tablets and Gravestones in St. Michaels' Church and Churchyard
SCR 929.5097579 Jervey 

The Epitaphs in Saint Paul's Cemetery (Summerville), 1855-1977
SCR 929.50975794 Epitaphs 

Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina
SCR 929.50975795 Bryan

In Memory Of: Inscriptions from Early Cemeteries (Colleton County)
SCR 929.50975795 Glover

Cemetery Inscriptions of Dorchester County (2 vols)
SCR 929.50975794 Harley

City of Charleston Health Department Death Records 1819-1868 (alphabetical list by name, cause of death, cemetery)
SCR 975.7915

Death Records. Charleston County Health Dept. 1819 -1926
SCR Card File

Record of Burials at Magnolia Cemetery, 1836-1931
SCR microfilm 

City of Charleston Death Certificates (1866-1914) & Returns of Deaths (1819 - 1926) Note: Death card files serves as partial index.
SCR Microfiche

State Board of Health of SC Death Index  1915-1949
SCR Microfiche

WPA Index to Tombstone Inscriptions
SCR microfiche 

South Carolina Lowcountry Church Records (Over 1800 microfiche containing records of many Lowcountry churches from the 1700's to the 1900's. A list of churches included is available).
SCR microfiche

Note: Many of the parish and church registers cited under "BIRTHS" also contain listings for funerals.Also, obituaries from the Charleston Post & Courier are included in the online index from 1990-present.