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Record of Marriages: Charleston

North and South Carolina Marriage Records from the earliest colonial days to the Civil War
SCR 929.3 C 

Jewish Marriage Notices from the Newspaper Press of Charleston, 1775-1906
SCR 929.3 E 

Charleston, South Carolina Marriages 1877 - 1895
SCR 929.3 King

Marriage Notices in the South Carolina Gazette and its Successors, 1732-1801
SCR 929.3 S 

Marriage Notices in the South Carolina and American General Gazette, from May 30, 1766to February 28, 1781 and its Successor The Royal Gazette (1781-1782)
SCR 929.3 S

Marriage Notices in The Charleston Courier, 1803-1808
SCR 929.3 S 

The Private Register of the Rev. Paul Trapier. Note: Includes baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials by the Rev. Trapier in a variety of locations, including St. Stephen's Chapel, St. Michael's, and Calvary Church.
SCR 929.3 Trapi 

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Death & Marriage Notices from The Christian Magazine of the South, The Erskine Miscellany, and The Due West Telescope, 1843-1863
SCR 929.3 Ware 

Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1837-1860 and 1861-1867 (Methodist; includes some Lutheran)
SCR 929.375 Holcomb 

Marriage and Death Notices from the (Charleston, South Carolina) Mercury 1822 - 1832
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb

Marriage and Death Notices from The (Charleston) Times, 1800-1821
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb 

Marriage and Death Notices from the Charleston Observer 1827-1845 (Presbyterian)
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb   

South Carolina Marriages, 1688-1799. Also: Supplement to South Carolina Marriages, 1692-1721
SCR 929.3757 Holcomb 

South Carolina Marriages, Vols 1-6
SCR 929.3757 Langdon

Horry County Marriages Abstracted from Newspapers (1861-1912)
SCR 929.3757 Lewis

Marriage and Death Notices from the Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina, 1835-1865
SCR 929.3757 Marriage 

A Register of Marriages Celebrated and Solemnized by Moses Waddel, D.D. in South Carolina and Georgia, 1795 to 1836; and Biolographic Sketch of Moses Waddel and his Family
SCR 929.3757 Waddel

The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyah. ann: dom: 1713
SCR 975.789 Reg

South Carolina Lowcountry Church Records (Over 1800 microfiche containing records of many Lowcounty churches from the 1700's to the 1900's. A list of churches included is available).
SCR microfiche

Family Tree Maker Marriage Index: AL, GA, SC 1641-1944

Note: Many of the church and parish registers cited under BIRTHS also contain sections on marriages.