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General Works

Heritage Quest, previously known as American Genealogical Library Catalog
SCR Information Desk 

National Archives Rental Program. Includes catalogs of census and Revolutionary War records on microfilm that may be ordered for a small fee.
SCR Information Desk

Guide to Manuscript Collection of the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina
SCR 016.091 South

Selected Bibliography of County, City, and Town Histories and Related Published Records in the South Carolina Archives Reference Library
SCR 016.9757 Mackinto  

South Carolina Historical Magazine. (Indexed.)
SCR 051 

ESCN Database Reports, South Carolina Gazette
SCR 071.57 Early

Index of Surnames, South Carolina Gazette, 1832-1751
SCR 071.57 Index  

South Carolina Historical Society Manuscript Guide
SCR 369 S

South Carolina Biographical Dictionary
SCR 920.0757 South  

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCR 051 Sou

South Carolina Genealogies: Articles from the South Carolina Historical (and Genealogical) Magazine
SCR 929.209757 South

South Carolina, a Guide to County Records
SCR 929.3 Hicks

The Soundex Reference Guide (kept on top of the SCR microfilm cabinets)
R 929.3 Soundex

Encyclopedia of South Carolina
SCR 975.7 Encyc

Names in South Carolina (geographical names)
SCR 975.7 Names

Formation of Counties in South Carolina
SCR 975.7 Stauf

Palmetto Place Names
SCR 975.7 Write

Local Newspapers (click here for a complete list)

South Carolina Department of Archives and History Combined Alphabetical Index

South Carolinians through the 19th Century - 623 pre-1915 publications in the collections of the South Carolina Historical Society and the South Carolina Library. 1,289 microfiche. Separate index available on computer near Reference Desk.