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Unattended Children

The safety and well being of children left unattended in a public building is of serious concern. Children left alone may become frightened, anxious, or bored. Older children cannot be expected to deal with a small child who is frightened, tired or ill. Library staff have many public duties and cannot serve as babysitters.

We ask your cooperation in the following areas as we strive to make the library a safe and happy place for your child.

  1. Children 5-years-old and younger must always be accompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver 16-years-old or older.
  2. Children 6-8-years old must have a parent or responsible caregiver 16-years old or older in the building at all times.
  3. Children 9-years-old and older are responsible for their own behavior in the library and must follow library rules and regulations. Any child 9 or older who is left unattended must have a means of contacting his/her parent or guardian.
  4. The library staff will attempt to contact parents of children whose safety is in doubt. If parents are unavailable, the library staff and/or the security guard will contact the police department to provide custody.
  5. If any child under 18 has not been picked up at closing, the Library will contact the police to provide custody.
Reaffirmed by the CCPL Board of Trustees June 2016