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Posting and Distribution of Non-Library Materials

Recognizing its role as a source for community information, Charleston County Public Library provides space at its branches for the posting and distribution of printed materials informing the public about events, services or resources that are civic, cultural, educational or recreational in nature. Branch libraries have a bulletin board for the posting of fliers; some branches also provide racks or table space where brochures or other literature may be left for patrons to take.

To be eligible for posting or distribution, the materials must be produced and represent activities by local nonprofit organizations, arts affiliates, educational institutions or government agencies. Authorized materials should provide timely information and will be displayed if space is available. The library reserves the right to refuse any material based on size, weight, format, content, volume or timeliness.

The library will not post or distribute advertisements or commercial notices from businesses or individuals. Bulletin boards and display space are not intended as a forum for the expression of the views of individuals or groups; therefore, the library will not display literature for political parties or candidates, petitions or other materials advocating a position on a public or social issue or materials supporting or opposing a particular religious conviction.

Postings should be given to the library staff. Unauthorized materials will be discarded. Acceptance for posting or distribution does not imply endorsement by the library.

Approved by the CCPL Board of Trustees June 2016