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Adams, Richard and Robert Gardner
More Ideas for Science Projects
Watts, Inc. 1998
Grades 5-9
Y507.8 Adams

Brisk, Marian
1001 Ideas for Science Projects
Macmillan Publishing
Grades 5-9
507.8 Brisk

Iritz, Maxine H
Super Science Fair Sourcebook
Learning Triangle Press, 1996
Grades 5-9
Y507.8 Iritz

Science Fairs: Ideas & Activities
World Book
Grades 5 & up
Y507.8 Science

Science Fair Project Index
The Akron-Summit County, Ohio Public Library has published since 1975 a Science Fair Project Index which is available in electronic forrnat. Searches can be undertaken by Subject, Experiment Title, and Grade Level.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, MCI Worldcom, Science NetLinks "strives to be a Comprehensive homepage for K-12 science Educators." Twelve topic areas are covered-Nature of Science, the Nature of Mathematics, The Living Environment, and The Human Organism. Select a topic, choose an age group and a section within the topic. Each topic has four sections: an introduction, lessons linked to websites, online resources, and a benchmarks section with an outline of what students should know for their age. Great site for teachers seeking to incorporate the Internet into their lesson plans.

Specific Topic Areas

Bonnet, Bob
Science Fair Projects with Electricity and Electronics
Sterling Publishing, 1996
Grades 5-9
J 621.3078 Bonnet

Bonnet, Bob
Science Fair Proiects in Flight, Space & Astronomy
Sterling Publishing, 1998
Grades 5-9
J 520.78 Bonnet

Gardner, Robert
Science Projects About Chemistry
Enslow Publishers, 1994
Grades 6 & up
540.78 Gardner

Gardner, Robert
Science Projects About Math
Enslow Publishers, 1999
Grades 6 & up
Y 507.8 Gardner

Murphy, Pat
Science Explorer: Family Experiments From the World's Favorite Hands on Science Museum
Henry Holt, 1996
Grades 7-12.
J 507.8 Murphy

Veccheone, Glen
100 First Prize Make It Yourself Science Fair Projects
Sterling Publishing, 1998
Grades 5-9
J 507.8 Vecchionience

Questions and Answers

Science and Technology Desk Reference (2 nd . Ed.)
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Science and Technology Department. 1996

Over 1,700 Answers to Frequently-Asked or Difficult-To-Answer Questions
Science Desk Reference. The New York Public Library. 1995.
R500 BAR

Scientific American: Ask the Experts
Contains Hundreds of Illustrations, Tables, Charts & Graphs.
Note: Materials are available at Charleston County Public Library.