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Women Scientists
Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering
 by Susan A. Ambrose, (et al)
Eighty-eight profiles of women scientists and engineers in areas ranging from biochemistry to mathematics, neuroscience to computer scince, animal science to civil engineering. Included are profiles of those with careers in public science-Dr. Joycelyn Elders-recent U.S. Surgeon General and Rhea L. Graham-first African American director of the Bureau of Mines.

A Passion for Physics: The Story of a Woman Physicist  by Joan Freeman
An Australian describes her struggles to gain a physics education in the Depression, her years in the wartime radar establishment at Sidney and later Cavendish Laboratory, and her transition to the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, England.

Journey Beyond Selene: Remarkable Expeditions Past Our Moon and to the Ends of the Solar System  by Jeffrey Kluger
Tells the story of women and men of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, cutting-edge space explorers who hammer together unmanned spaceships, mount them on rockets and fling them to the ends of the world the Greeks called Selene.

A Dame Full of Vim and Vigor  by Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie and Clifford J. Choquette
A biography of Alice Middleton Boring who taught biology in China during the civil war, Japanese occupation, and World War II before returning to the United States.

Letters from Yellowstone by Diane Smith
Alexandria Bartram joins a botany field study in Yellowstone the summer of 1898.

Note: Materials are available at Charleston County Public Library.