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Florida's Hurricane History by Jay Barnes
The former director of the National Hurricane Center posits the average forecast error in a twenty-four hour period is now about 110 miles, but the long evacuation time in coastal areas presents hazards to communities that have undergone explosive population growth. Barnes recommends new coastal residents prepare for such events by becoming familiar with Florida's history, the effects of storm surges and evacuation routes in their area.

The Scourging Wrath of God: Early Hurricanes in Charleston, 1700-1804 by Jeanne A. Calhoun
Correspondence of witnesses to the events provides a brief overview of what it was like to be in Charleston in hurricane season.

The Hurricane Handbook: A Practical Guide for Residents of the Hurricane Belt by Sharon Maddux Carpenter and Toni Garcia Carpenter
Two survivors of Hurricane Dora outline the ways to prepare family and property in the pre-hurricane period, during the hurricane, and through the rebuilding process in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Inside the Hurricane: Face to Face with Nature's Deadliest Storms by Pete Davies
The biggest evacuation in the history of the United States took place in September 1999 when three million people fled from the path of Hurricane Floyd. This account takes the reader from apocalyptic devastation in Central America to the race against time in Miami.

"Impacts of Hurricane Hugo: September 10-22, 1989," Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 8, Spring, 1991 by Charles W. Finkl and Orrin H. Pilkey
Analyses the effects of Hugo on beaches, coastal birds, forests and wildlife in South Carolina.

A History of Storms on the South Carolina Coast by Laylon W. Jordan
Provides a chronological summary of significant tropical storm activity on the South Carolina Coast starting with the great hurricane of 1752.

Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones by David Longshore
Tropical cyclones in science, history and culture are treated in detail in this reference. Comprehensive bibliographies of primary and secondary research materials are included along with a "how-to" section on tracking a tropical cyclone.

Hurricane Hugo: Storm of the Century, September 1989 by William J. Macchio
Presents interviews with survivors andDr. Jim McFadden of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who flew into the eye of this tropical cyclone.

Surviving Natural Disasters by Janice McCann and Betsy Shand
Two principals in a home maintenanance, repair and contracting business provide a suggested list of insurance questions, a family plan, and supplies to store as part of a general preparedness plan that enable families to protect themselves and minimize
damage to their homes.

The Hurricane by Roger A. Pielke
Assesses the climatology, forecasting and physical processes associated with tropical cyclones and is illustrated with 200 charts and photographs.

Note: Materials are available at Charleston County Public Library.