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Library construction update

Local residents overwhelmingly approved a referendum to build five new libraries and renovate 13 others in November 2014. Learn more about the library design and construction progress made since then:  

The first phase of the overall project involved soliciting community input for the five new library locations. One of CCPL’s top priorities during this process involved obtaining practical information from public library users. During fall 2015, community meetings were held in each region slated to receive a new library facility. Residents turned out in large numbers to share their opinions. CCPL staff, along with an architectural consulting team, compiled all the feedback received during this process. While similar comments were made at all locations, residents also shared wonderful stories about what makes each community unique. 

Quick Facts

Map of building plan

Building cost estimates

Building Referendum 

Through a competitive process during 2016, the County decided to pursue a Design-Build plan for the design and construction of the new libraries. This means that the County selects a general contractor who then selects the architects for each project. The resulting design teams ensure that the final product represents each specific community and that construction consistency is maintained across locations for ease and affordability of future maintenance. 

Read on to learn more about library construction projects, and stay tuned to www.ccpl.org/construction for monthly status updates. 

January 5, 2017

In the midst of a busy holiday season, the library design teams continued their planning and preparation work. Project signs were installed at some of the future library sites in December. These signs will be updated to include additional information, designs and community meeting dates as progress continues. Learn more about the current status of each new library:

  • County and Library staff met with the Charleston County School District planning team during the beginning of December to coordinate the specific site location for the new West Ashley branch. The design team is in the process of finalizing initial site studies in preparation for conceptual building design. 

  • The environmental permitting process and associated demolition of four existing buildings on the Cooper River site (excluding the current library) are underway. This will allow for the construction of a completely new library on this site. 

  • The St. Paul's/Hollywood design team will be on-site mid-January to present a schematic design proposal to County and Library staff.

  • The James Island design team will be on-site mid-January to present a schematic design proposal to County and Library staff. 

  • Internal review of the schematic design proposal for the new Mt. Pleasant location is almost complete. The design team will be released to begin the design development stage this month. CCPL plans to schedule a community meeting to discuss this location in January or February.

  • CCPL anticipates breaking ground on the first library in late spring or early summer of 2017. The other locations will follow suit with staggered start dates to evenly distribute the work flow amongst the design and construction teams. 

December 5, 2016

  • The County is working closely with Charleston County School District on the new West Ashley location.
  • The Sherriff's complex on the Cooper River replacement site is set to be demolished this winter, and a future round of demolition will allow for the construction of a completely new facility.
  • While civil engineers develop a St. Paul's/Hollywood replacement site plan that supports efficient access to the location, the design team is at work to create floor plans that will enable the branch to serve as a new community hub.
  • The James Island replacement is in the midst of schematic design, and CCPL representatives met with the design team to review the proposed plan.
  • The new Mt. Pleasant location design team created multiple schematic proposals for review by CCPL, and they are now fine-tuning these possibilities to meet the specific needs of the local community.

CCPL anticipates breaking ground on the first library in late spring of 2017. The others will follow with staggered start dates to allow for a more evenly distributed work flow amongst the design and construction teams.

Sign installation begins this month at the future CCPL Support Services building and the Mt. Pleasant, James Island and St. Paul's branch sites. The new site location signs will be updated with relevant information as work progresses in order to encourage awareness within local communities about their new libraries. Additional signs will be posted at other branch locations as work continues.