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Learn more than 50 languages with Mango

Mango Languages, a tool that allows CCPL customers to learn more than 50 languages, is available through the library’s web site.

This online language learning service helps English speakers learn more than 50 languages and offers English as a Second Language lessons in 16 different languages.      
This service is available via In Library Home Access 

There are two levels of instruction – Basic and Complete 2.0. Within the Basic level, users can learn simple, practical skills for common, polite conversation in only a few short hours. Complete 2.0 teaches more in-depth language and grammar skills. For people wanting a rough translation of a document from Spanish to English, for example, Mango also offers a text-based translation tool.

Users can use an e-mail to register with Mango, and the service will keep up with your progress. For newcomers, a Start Learning button provides a good overview. It’s easy to use, and works best with devices with a microphone. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and once logged in to the site’s dashboard page, users will find links to download mobile apps.

Patrons needing technical support, such as help installing a Flash player at home, should contact Mango customer service line at 877-626-4611 during weekdays between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern or send an email to support@mangolanguages.com. Tech support information is available on the site.