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Gift, Solicitation and Acceptance Policy

PURPOSE: To define what the Library will accept as gifts, who is authorized to accept gifts  and how those gifts are accepted and to help donors determine how to present gifts for acceptance.

1. Works of Art
Donations to help acquire works of art or donations of art may be accepted based on the recommendation of the Library's Board of Trustees.

2. Library Materials
Books and other library materials may be accepted by library staff per the Policy on Collection Development.

3. Other
Gifts with a value under $500, to include gifts of cash, may be accepted by library branch and division managers. Such gifts may include supplies, funds for programming and labor. Any gifts which have a maintenance impact -- e.g., landscaping and equipment -- must be forwarded to the Library Director for approval by the appropriate department.

Gifts with a value between $500 and $2,500 may be accepted by the Library Director, with a recommendation from the appropriate library branch/division manager. Gifts with a maintenance impact will be forwarded to the appropriate department for approval.

Gifts with a value of $2,500 or more will be accepted by the Library Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the Library Director.

All gifts will be evaluated for appropriateness in light of the library's Strategic Plan and other existing policies. The Library's Board of Trustees and staff are under no obligation to accept gifts, items or funds and reserve the right to refuse any gift. All gifts that are accepted become the sole property of The Charleston County Public Library.

This policy does not apply to in-kind or monetary donations initiated by the library when securing partners or sponsors for library programming and events.

4. Gifts will be reported to the Board as part of quarterly financial reports at the Board of Trustees meetings by the Finance Director.

Approved by the Library Board June 2016