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Genealogy Web Sites

Ancestry Library Edition
3,000 genealogy databases include the federal census and the Social Security Death Index. Note: since this is a subscription database, it can only be accessed in the library.

Civil War Armies
From Cornell University Library, a digitalized and searchable version of The War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate.

 Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Sponsored by the National Parks Service, a roster of both Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors from the Civil War.

Family Search (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints)
The Mormon Library in Salt Lake City is the largest genealogy library in the country, some say in the world.

Codes of Ordinances for 1,600 local governments, including the City of Charleston and Charleston County.

The oldest and largest free genealogy site on the Internet.

Type in a last name and find out your Soundex Code.

State Vital Records
Information on how to obtain vital records information for each county of each state.

Information on the availability and ordering of vital records (birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees) for every state, territory, and county in the U.S.