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Library Databases

Electronic resources marked with an asterisk are provided by DISCUS - South Carolina's Virtual Library.

Academic Search Premier*
In Library | Home Access
Covering multiple disciplines, this resource contains thousands of subject specific scholarly full-text and indexed periodicals.
America's Historical Newspapers 
In Library | Home Access
Historic American newspapers in full text from 1690's to 1922.
America's News 
In Library |  Home Access
Search current and archived state and national full-text articles on issues, events, business, government and more including The Post and Courier (12/6/1994 to Current) and The State (12/1/87 to Current).
Fuente Académica*
In Library | Home Access
Scholarly journals predominately from Latin America in Spanish.
Kid's InfoBits*
In Library | Home Access
Magazine and reference sources for children in grades K-5.
MAS Ultra*
In Library | Home Access
High school oriented with popular magazines, reference books, biographies and primary sources in full text and an images collection.
MasterFILE Premier*
In Library | Home Access
A general audience multi-discipline resource that contains thousands of topical periodicals like (Consumer Reports, New Yorker, Real Simple etc..) general reference works, primary source documents and images.
Middle Search Plus*
In Library | Home Access
Full text of popular magazines, biographies and primary source documents with a collection of photos, maps and flags for middle school students.

Newspaper Source Plus*
In Library | Home Access
The latest news from national and international sources, including newspapers and broadcast media transcripts.

Post and Courier Index
In Library | Home Access
Finding aid to Charleston area news, feature stories and obituaries (Stories: 1994 to March 2011; Obituaries: 1994 to current).
Regional Business News*
In Library | Home Access
Regional and local business periodicals from across the U.S., including the Charleston area and South Carolina.
In Library | Home Access
Collection of periodical articles on current events, including opinions on controversial topics.

Best of the Web - Magazines and Blogs

Find Articles.com


Best of the Web - News and Newspapers

American Journalism Review NewsLink 
Chroniciling America  Historic American newspapers from 1690s to 1923
Google News 
New York Times 
Post and Courier – Charleston area news and beyond.
Yahoo News 

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