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Research Tools - Magazines, Newspapers and Journals

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Library Databases

Electronic resources marked with an asterisk are provided by DISCUS - South Carolina's Virtual Library.

Academic Search Premier*
In Library | Home Access
Covering multiple disciplines, this resource contains thousands of subject specific scholarly full-text and indexed periodicals.
America's Historical Newspapers 
In Library | Home Access
Historic American newspapers in full text from the 1690s to 1922 PLUS some Charleston, SC newspaper content through 1995. For more recent Charleston newspaper coverage, click on America's News.
America's News 
In Library |  Home Access
Search current and archived state and national full-text articles on issues, events, business, government and more including The Post and Courier (12/6/1994 to Current) and The State (12/1/87 to Current).
Fuente Académica*
In Library | Home Access
Scholarly journals predominately from Latin America in Spanish.
Kid's InfoBits*
In Library | Home Access
Magazine and reference sources for children in grades K-5.
MAS Ultra*
In Library | Home Access
High school oriented with popular magazines, reference books, biographies and primary sources in full text and an images collection.
MasterFILE Premier*
In Library | Home Access
A general audience multi-discipline resource that contains thousands of topical periodicals like (Consumer Reports, New Yorker, Real Simple etc..) general reference works, primary source documents and images.
Middle Search Plus*
In Library | Home Access
Full text of popular magazines, biographies and primary source documents with a collection of photos, maps and flags for middle school students.

Newspaper Source Plus*
In Library | Home Access
The latest news from national and international sources, including newspapers and broadcast media transcripts.

The New York Times
In Library I Home Access
Access newspapers dating from 1851-1922 and 1981-present day. Registration is required.
On-site access is available through CCPL WiFi and branch computers; external access requires a valid Charleston County Public Library card. Use the same log in credentials for access inside or outside the library. Once logged in externally, you have 24 hours of free access to The New York Times and may reactivate your account as needed.
Post and Courier Index
In Library | Home Access
Finding aid to Charleston area news, feature stories and obituaries (Stories: 1994 to March 2011; Obituaries: 1994 to current).
Regional Business News*
In Library | Home Access
Regional and local business periodicals from across the U.S., including the Charleston area and South Carolina.
In Library | Home Access
Collection of periodical articles on current events, including opinions on controversial topics.